Wednesday Jan 25, 17

Senseless Town Page 02 Update!

by: a bear costume

I Live in a Senseless Town’s second page is out!

One of my favorite pages ever. Although I suspect that months from now I’ll look back on this as one of many, many pages I love equally!


Thursday Jan 19, 17

Desperate Times Page 6 Update! Last One!

by: a bear costume

Desperate Times is over! Last page is here!

Phase One is over, too! What does that mean? A great question! It means that Phase Two starts next Monday with a new Racia story, “I Live in a Senseless Town”! And we’re updating every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from now on! See you then!

Monday Jan 16, 17

Desperate Times Page 5 Update!

by: a bear costume

Monday’s update is live! One more to go!

A fun page to draw. One of the most fun, in fact.

Thursday Jan 12, 17

Desperate Times Page 4 Update!

by: a bear costume

Thursday’s update is live!

This is, potentially, what the proverbial “they” refer to as “girl power.” The argument could be made.

Monday Jan 09, 17

Desperate Times Page 3 Update!

by: a bear costume

Monday’s update is live!

Ah, the turn. Where things get violent. Not cool, Antau.

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