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This blurb was written when this comic page first went online. It might not accurately reflect the current state of the RACIANTAU project. Consider it a piece of history.

Sometimes during “Collision 2016”’s production I would say, “The story turned out to be pretty timeless.” Then I’d remember strips like this and have to pause and clarify, “So long as the 24-hour news cycle sticks around.”

It probably will. People love decrying the decline of journalism and political civility and a bunch of other things and maybe things are worse than they were a few decades ago but they’re not worse than they were a few decades before that.

The American Civil War was plagued by sensationalistic and frankly bad journalism. The Spanish-American War was initiated on fraud. There was always awful shit going on at all times and there never was a golden age.

I’m not necessarily saying that today is “better,” than all those times – not that I think it isn’t better, but that I think looking at the world as having “improved” is usually just a way for people to feel good about themselves and forget all the bad things that are still happening right now. Like … all the bad things. There are a lot of bad things out there, you know? So much so that patting ourselves on the back always feels so hollow and gross.

Wow, that’s some pretty heavy shit up there, right? I guess I say all that to point out that, in the context of that reality, Antau intending to smear a semi-private citizen as a sex predator for his own political gain doesn’t feel beyond the pale. It feels pretty firmly situated within the pale. Not happy about that; it’s just my two cents.

the story: Collision 2016

During a chaotic, fraught election season in a world different from but eerily similar to our own, one mercenary consultant-turned-campaign manager (Antau) sees an opportunity to give “The People” what they want: sweet release, in the form of a Giant Meteor presidency.

the comic: RACIANTAU

An ongoing study in comics, storytelling, and philosophy, RACIANTAU is a comics anthology structured in the form of an essay. The title of the project (pronounced /rɔsiɑntoʊ/) is a contraction of the names "Racia" and "Antau" — the two main characters. The kids try to make sense out of a senseless world of VIOLENCE, IMPERMANENCE, ISOLATION. Anxious about the FUTURE OF OUR SPECIES, they find themselves face to face with the VOID WHICH CONSUMES ALL THINGS. In each story, one or both of them inch closer towards self-realization.

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