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This blurb was written when this comic page first went online. It might not accurately reflect the current state of the RACIANTAU project. Consider it a piece of history.

This page excites me.

The storyboards for it were very exciting, and so was scripting it and working on it. But I don’t want to talk about the art in particular. I don’t have much to say about it. In fact the art on this page isn’t even close to my favorite art for “Nature Calls,” if I had to make an ordered list of each panel. But I won’t go into that. I still feel something for this page that isn’t love or loyalty or pride and maybe has no name. Still it drives me to speak about it, still it hides itself from me.

We can talk about philosophy some other time. I’ve quoted lots leading up to this moment and I’ll go back to quoting in the next pages. No, if you’re here to listen to me, please scroll back up and read the page again. For once let’s both let the art speak.

the story: Nature Calls

Two wild animals chance upon each other in a small clearing off a quiet mountain trail. Conflict arises from the core of all beings; some business cannot be settled with words.

the comic: RACIANTAU

An ongoing study in comics, storytelling, and philosophy, RACIANTAU is a comics anthology structured in the form of an essay. The title of the project (pronounced /rɔsiɑntoʊ/) is a contraction of the names "Racia" and "Antau" — the two main characters. The kids try to make sense out of a senseless world of VIOLENCE, IMPERMANENCE, ISOLATION. Anxious about the FUTURE OF OUR SPECIES, they find themselves face to face with the VOID WHICH CONSUMES ALL THINGS. In each story, one or both of them inch closer towards self-realization.

We're a self-taught comic-making duo with absurd politics and philosophy. We've made every page out of a desire for exploration and improvement. But if you enjoy what we put forth, your kind words will motivate us (email: If you want to read more, please join our fans and become our patron.


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