Tuesday Aug 23, 16


I had the idea for this page’s layout early in storyboarding, and the layout of Racia’s apartment was one of the first assets to be produced. Even then, it wasn’t until I got around to working on this page that I realized what a happy accident it turned out to be, with the “home is where the heart is” decoration enjoying a position of prominence.

As I sit here writing this I can think of, like, four different interpretations of that decoration in the story as it’s written, but the webmaster says I can’t be holding the audience’s hand and apparently mentioning my own interpretations of my stories’ themes is “hand-holding.” Which I find annoying no matter how much I think about it. Whatever. Guess I’ll have to settle for being the one creating the source material.

Bunners is adorable. I don’t know if I say that enough, but hot damn, panel 7. Amirite? Yeahhh.