Monday Oct 31, 16


Hello, and welcome back to the Racia side of RACIANTAU for her next story, “Cabin Fever.” We’re glad to see you here, as always!

If you’ve been following us with any sort of consistency, you’ll find in these coming pages a pretty radical departure from what you’ll be used to thanks to “Battlemon” and “Collision 2016”. Framing, both on the page and within frames themselves, is much more dynamic than you may have come to expect. But hey; I suppose I should just let the art speak for itself.

With this page we’re also returning to full-page strips, which will be the norm for the foreseeable future. “Collision 2016” was a fun experiment and one I’d even like to repeat at some point, but these first stories in the RACIANTAU canon were all very much inspired texts, which in retrospect I feel I had very little control over. The “Cabin Fever” scripts and storyboards all basically came to us over the course of one night, just like Battlemon, and the same holds true for most of the upcoming stories.

Anywho. This story will be entertaining you all three times a week for the next four weeks. Hope you enjoy them! You ought to do your best to enjoy them, anyway. Life is a chaotic and unpredictable mess, y’know. This could, as they say, be it.