Monday Oct 17, 16


Welcome to the first Antau story! We saw this fellow for a hot second in the first Racia story, “Battlemon” (which, depending on when you’re reading this, is either finishing its publication run tomorrow or is already finished).

So, this is how the structure of RACIANTAU is gonna go; trading off between “Racia” stories and “Antau” stories and, sometimes, throwing the two of them together into titular “RACIANTAU” stories. For the most part we’re keeping the two of them separate, though. They’re very different people and when put together things can quickly get out of hand. I’ve made the executive decision that seeing their worldviews in a “vacuum” before the fireworks start is the right way to approach this.

Speaking of worldviews, these first two stories (“Battlemon” and “Collision 2016”) don’t necessarily include an explicit description of either Antau or Racia’s worldviews. Not yet. But RACIANTAU is very planned, probably the most intentionally planned story I’ve worked on to date. These stories are good ways to be introduced to the characters.

Anyway. I guess I haven’t talked about the strip yet, have I? AND I WON’T. Really, there’s not much to say. Oh, I love drawing diverse extras. There, I commented on the strip; we can all be happy, now. We may not be. But we can be.