Friday Nov 25, 16


I was sorely tempted to use James Joyce’s thunderclap onomatopoeia in the last panel of this page but ultimately decided doing so would be too douchey. I’m pretty sure I’ve admitted in these blurbs before that “douchey” is something I sorta like in some of my favorite artistic works, and that’s still true, but if you’ve clicked through to that link up there you’ll see what stayed my hand here.

Well, that’s it! “Cabin Fever” is complete, and I won’t take up as much of your time in this blurb as I did in the final blurbs of  “Battlemon” and “Collision 2016” (although I’ll take this moment to say that, in light of the results of America’s 2016 presidential election and aftermath, I think “Collision 2016” stands as incredibly prescient, and I’m even more proud of it now than I was when it finished publishing). I think “Cabin Fever” is a better “webcomic” than its two predecessors in terms of each page standing completely on their own, but it’s still nice to be able to read through it in one go now.

I also think we did a better job throughout these blurbs in avoiding holding the audience’s hands or talking about how the story “should” be interpreted. Nevertheless I’ll indulge myself a little here. During production of this story, someone suggested that it could be published as a complete and coherent text after Page 08. I think they were probably right, but only in the sense that it would have been a coherent text. Pages 09 through 12 were important for the “goal” of “Cabin Fever,” insofar as we had one at all. 

I won’t say anything more than that and maybe I should trust the audience to believe everything on the page is there for a reason. But I remember my own critical background, and I know critics sometimes worry they’re “overthinking” a text. I’ll probably never be able to stop repeating and reiterating this: that shouldn’t be a worry coming into RACIANTAU. There’s meaning on these pages. There’s supposed to be multiple.

Anyway, as always, thank you so much for tuning in! The RACIANTAU train isn’t slowing down this time; we’re picking up immediately next Monday (November 28th) with the next Antau story. It’s entitled “Nature Calls,” and it will be published Mondays and Thursdays; this one is 7 pages long. We hope to see you there and then! Take care of yourself as best you can. If “Cabin Fever” had any argument, it’s that we’re never in control; but you can plan ahead, and you have options. One of them is showing up next week; we hope you will!