Wednesday Nov 23, 16


Whew. There’s really nothing to say about this page, is there?

Haha, joke’s on you, there’s totally stuff to say about this page! I don’t think it took any longer to work on this page than a “normal” page of RACIANTAU and, in fact, it may actually have taken less time than usual, but it suuure didn’t feel that way. Working inside panel limitations helps break up your work and offers a natural way to mark your own progress.

On a big page like this things can seem a little overwhelming. You figure out ways to break it up on your own anyhow but … there’s tricks and there’s tools, and then there’s reality. Does that make sense? Well … it does to me.

I love this page for a lot of reasons but I think listing off most of them might actually be counterproductive. Sometimes you can’t show people behind the curtain; as an artist you should always be proud of your work, but there comes a time you recognize some things work better with a little dash of mystery. Even if your audience can’t see any mystery at all. Maybe especially at those times.