Thursday Sep 01, 16


Gawd Racia we had such a good thing going with those dialogue-free pages and you just had to RUIN IT, didn’t you, RUIN IT WITH YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR BUNNERS.

Do I really have to say that I like the top row’s construction? Do I really think the audience of this comic hasn’t picked up on some of my artistic preferences? No to both. And yet the things remain said. We can’t take back our words, you know. Well, I can and did multiple times while writing this. But NOW I can’t.

Well, I can. And someday the servers that store this website’s data alongside countless others’ will collapse under the weight of time and dust and nothing will remain of our people and what we loved, hated, lusted after, cried for, were pretentious in our preference of. I know it, you know it; Racia knows it.

“We’re hooome, Bunners.”