Saturday Oct 08, 16


The reason I specified last page (Page 22) was the “last full-rhyme page of ‘Battlemon’” is because I consider this page to be a “slant-rhyme”. We’ve seen the action on this page twice before, and the last time we saw it, it did rhyme. This time we’re seeing it from Bunners’ perspective.

Partly that’s because I’m an artsy douche, but it’s also because there’s a few things different on this page, and one of those things is meant as a surprise. FIRST, it’s not a work day like it was on those other pages, and SECOND, Racia is smiling today. Presenting the action the way we did on Pages 11 and 15 would’ve diminished the impact of that difference by showing it early and throughout. Plus, moving our perspective to Bunners’ eyes helps visually sell the idea of difference on this page. See? I’m manipulating you. Is it working?

Is engaging in art criticism of my own work functionally the same as hand-holding? I hope not, since I’m probably not gonna stop doing it. Some of you will probably find this interesting. Or annoying. I’m okay with being seen as annoying, though. That’s way better than being seen as boring.