Tuesday Oct 18, 16


This page updated with the page after it, so make sure you read that one, too! This is it, the last full page; the next page finishes up the story, and I think it’s important (or else I wouldn’t have included it), but this is the last page of real “action” in the story.

Since this page needs to be able to speak for itself, I’m not gonna talk about anything specific in it. If it doesn’t work, there’s no point trying to save it in this blurb. But I think it works.

Artistically, I find this page somewhat unsatisfying, but if you’ve been reading these blurbs you might realize that that’s sort of the point and certainly not something I’m opposed to. To my eye it feels rough and a little uncomfortable – in the sense that Bunners doesn’t seem to be enjoying herself and I don’t really enjoy seeing her not enjoy herself. “Battlemon” is the sort of story I would read, though, so it should go without saying that this is the sort of thing I look for in art. I believe pretty strongly that art ought to make you uncomfortable. Or make someone uncomfortable.

Being made uncomfortable is a pretty clear sign you care, and is a pretty clear indication of actual engagement with the work. A lot of people, critics especially, do a good job of making sure they’re engaging with works they like (or would argue they don’t like works that they’re not engaging with). And that’s fine! I believe them. But I think everyone has art they like that they’re very clearly not engaging with – it’s simple, it’s easy. It’s like cotton candy.

Life’s not comfortable. Life’s not simple, easy, or like cotton candy. I’m not against art that pretends otherwise, but I couldn’t dedicate long hours to producing that sort of art.

Anyway, for all that I like this page, I don’t think I’d like it without the page that comes immediately after it. That’s not surprising. I wrote and drew this story, and I wouldn’t have wasted my time adding one more page if I didn’t think the story needed it.

So, yeah. If you’ve finished reading this page and finished reading this blurb, go ahead and click through to the next page. “Battlemon” is over. Thanks for coming along with us for the ride!