Friday Nov 04, 16


This page feels pretty busy! So does the next one. Don’t worry – that’s the point!

I think I’ll stop saying “that’s the point” so much. It will take effort. I read a lot of media criticism (not so much academic criticism as popcorn blogging criticism nowadays). I tend to get the sense from most contemporary critics that anything that feels slightly uncomfortable or human or weird or … off is “bad.”

If you’ve been following these blurbs a lot, you’ll know by now that I don’t approach my own storytelling that way (nor do I consume other stories with that sort of mentality). Sometimes I want to be made uncomfortable. Sometimes I can tell an author or artist didn’t want me to feel uncomfortable but I do anyway, and that’s great, too.

Anyway, I’m not here to tell you how to feel about the art. This was a fun page to work on though; the first page during the production process I completed, so although the style (white geometric shapes acting as “panels” over an unbroken black background) was first seen in the previous page, this was the page that convinced me it would work over the course of a comic.