Wednesday Nov 16, 16


This is what a “normal” page of RACIANTAU looked like, back when “Battlemon,” was being published. Even through “Collision 2016,” I bet.

It’s a dream of mine, and I guess more importantly a goal I’m actually working toward, to not really have a “normal page of RACIANTAU,” though. I want to keep pushing myself with RACIANTAU; I’d like to be doing something new or at least exciting in every story, as much as possible on every page, and it’d be great to look back and conclude that I was doing that even in every panel.

It’s good to aspire, good to recognize you probably won’t reach goals fully, good to not stop trying. There was a quote from Thoreau (one of my favorite thinkers and writers) I’m reminded of. Hold on one second, I’ll find it. Don’t worry. It might take me a few minutes but you won’t notice. Okay, back. Here you go:

“Men cannot conceive of a state of things so fair that it cannot be realized. Can any man honestly consult his experience and say it is so? […] Did you ever hear of a man who had striven all his life faithfully and singly toward an object and in no measure obtained it? […] My actual life is a fact in view of which I have no occasion to congratulate myself, but for my faith and aspiration I have respect.”

 27 March (1848): Henry David Thoreau to Harrison Blake