Thursday Oct 20, 16


Ahh, Mrs. Fox. What you may suspect is a weird gag and reference to Fox News is, in fact, an internal reference I am making to an old series of one-panel comics I made a while back called Mrs. Fox and Friends. Mrs. Fox was the main character, of course. There were two other main characters, Mr Owl and Mr Snake. Yes, Mrs. Fox is spelled with a “.” and Mrs Owl and Snake are not. It was a stylistic choice.

I’m pretty confident a majority of people reading this comic think they know the sort of behavior I’m condemning in this strip. I think the fact that a lot of those people wouldn’t actually agree on what’s being condemned is interesting, yeah? I really do think that’s more interesting than hearing me explicitly describe what’s being condemned.

Anyone can condemn behavior. A lot of people do, and I’m not even saying I’m against it. But hearing one more voice (my own) condemn what you want to hear condemned doesn’t change anything.

Neither, to be fair, does wondering about the difficulties, maybe even impossibilities of true understanding and meaningful conflict resolution. But in my little bear heart, it feels like a more valuable endeavor.