Tuesday Oct 25, 16


Full breakdown. Not really sure what to say about this one.

I’m not sure if I ever talked about the logic of color use in RACIANTAU and even if I have it’s something I think is pretty important so let’s talk a little about that. The biggest rule: red, and shades of red, are colored in. Not always – astute readers may have noticed that Bunners’ hair (in “Battlemon”) is pink, but we weren’t made aware of that until the last page.

Still, shades of red are what we’re coloring in and that will become more and more obvious as RACIANTAU progresses steadily toward its climax.

Why, then, is there blue in this strip and in Strip 05? And, the astute reader may also ask, wasn’t there some green and purple in Battlemon on the two pages we saw red?

So, there are exceptions to every rule. You should already know that. Bunners’ pink hair was an exception to this rule in the first place (keep up (sorry for being so aggro, you might be keeping up just fine (I’m probably overcompensating (bby)))). The other major exception to the rule is that where there is red, we can also use other colors to highlight a discrepancy. Here, we’re using blue because American politics is obsessed with red and blue (and white but we’ve got that covered).