Friday Oct 28, 16


Politicians don’t deliver on their promises. The industries around them – the campaigns and consulting groups, the think tanks and policy shops, talk shows, talk radio, and of course and above all else the deep state – know this. Are built on and around that premise.

Is that controversial to say? Yeah, I think it must be. I think saying anything about the world is controversial; someone will always disagree with you. That’s the problem, right? And that’s the point. And because that’s the point … well, that’s why it’s “the problem.”

Not much more to say at this point except some broad thoughts. Giant Meteor is a very pathetic character; and when I say “pathetic,” I usually mean it in its originally intended form, that is, Giant Meteor inspires a deep and sincere pity in me untainted by condescension or derision. I think, at the end of the day, the rock really believed in what Antau sold it and what it, in turn, sold to the nation. That could only ever make it a fool; but a fool I pity nevertheless.

I’m very excited to start publishing Racia’s next story, “Cabin Fever,” next week, but I still am sad to see Antau go. Unlike in “Battlemon,” Antau doesn’t make an appearance in Racia’s next story. That’s fine because Racia doesn’t make an appearance in Antau’s next story, which I’m willing to say will be entitled “Nature Calls.”

The separation of our two title characters ought to be, in my estimation, rigorously enforced. I’ve approached RACIANTAU, throughout scripting and during stand-alone story brainstorming, as a dialectic exercise.

I’m willing to admit that but I’ll say no more on the point. At least not now … and hopefully not ever. Now that I’ve confessed what I intend to do with RACIANTAU, now that it’s “out there” and the audience knows, more clearly, what to expect from the text, the text must be judged on whether or not it achieved that goal.

These blurbs occupy an ambiguous state, but I maintain that they are very explicitly not the text; that remains up there, where within the page borders, accompanied by images.

Thanks for sticking around and reading through “Collision 2016.” However you want to see our society develop from this point on, I hope you find a way to be happy. I believe that you probably will; it is not too difficult and you always have the tools necessary to do so. What happens out there isn’t actually in your control, anymore than it was in Antau’s or Giant Meteor’s control; not really. Better, I think, to look inward.

And tune in on Monday for “Cabin Fever”!