Thursday Aug 04, 16


It’s weird that living things like Pokemon (and now, apparently, Battlemon) can be so easily converted into data and stored on computers, isn’t it? Doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense.

I have this theory that Pokemon are actually software and that the entire Pokemon world is an Augmented Reality playground (like in the anime Dennou Coil), which does makes a lot of sense if you’re willing to overthink things. Then it starts to fall all kinds of apart if you keep overthinking things, so it’s probably not true.

Even if it is, Battlemon are totes real. Word-of-God-ing it.

Probably because people who don’t play Pokemon kept joking that it was a violent, hellish slavescape of cock-fights and mugging, later Pokemon games really played up the whole “friendship” angle, with some NPCs shouting loudly about how they don’t like to fight, other NPCs refusing to use Pokeballs, a minigame literally called Pokemon-Amie that gives you bonuses in battles alongside text shouting “WUT GR8 FRNDS U 2 R, U BEAT DAT OTHR GUY UP G- … GUD, BC OF UR FRONDSHIP.” But people who don’t play Pokemon haven’t joked at me about how “Battlemon” is a VHSoCFaM, so the Battlemon world doesn’t reflect those silly later developments. Thus, Racia not having a Battlelet makes her something of an odd duck.