Tuesday Aug 09, 16


I shouldn’t have to spell this out for anyone, but “Nuzzledarns” are the all-black-with-white-defining-lines Pluto looking things. “Ratkas” are the blind swordsman mice. Oh; that’s a little wooden stick the Ratka’s swinging in the first panel.

Battlemon fights playing on the subway basically at all times, every advertisement for some Battlemon Co. product (or a product from one of its subsidiaries), everyone wearing Battlelets … this society is obsessed with Battlemon. Just like in the Pokemon world. And in ours, now, too, because of Pokemon Go! Topical reference, check. We continue, undaunted, to create a historical record for those who will come after us, picking through the bones of our long-dead civilization. What did they like? they will ask themselves. What made them tick?

And the dust in the wind will whisper, “Pokemon Go.”