Thursday Aug 11, 16


I don’t really go bowling so I had to look up what a good score was and adjust downward for a “realistic” skill level for Racia. Secretly, I’m guessing that Racia did much the same thing in her copious amounts of free time.

I also spent an embarrassing amount of time trying to come up with a shitty rhyme to go at the end of an awful, brain-dead, popcorn-shoveling sort of show jingle. As you can see I actually did not come up with one at the end of the day. That’s okay. I don’t respect the Battlemon Variety Hour, like, as a concept. No, seriously; I am 100% in Racia’s and Bunners’ corner throughout this story, and even I can’t stand that show.

I won’t comment on how Racia feels about it because I haven’t really given it much thought. I’ll say that she probably hasn’t given it much thought, either. It’s Bunners’ favorite show, though. Interpret as you will.