Tuesday Aug 16, 16


I literally hate the writing for the Battlemon Variety Hour so much.

Even the author is unsure of how intelligent Bunners is, and for that matter Battlemon in general are. In the Pokemon world Pokemon seem to be about as smart as your average children’s programming writer. I will say that the Battlemon Variety Hour is probably not just lights and sounds to her; she probably understands what’s going on.

The two Battlemon fighting in the middle of the bottom row are a “Floodwotter” and a “Lumbersnack.” Get it? Haa.

Who the hell schedules state-sanctioned dogfighting to start immediately after the Battlemon Variety Hour? Without even a commercial break between the two of them? Scriptwriters, that’s who. Also it isn’t dogfighting, check your Earth morals at the door, man.