Tuesday Sep 20, 16


After a week off to get settled in some new digs, Battlemon is back with another one of those rhyming pages. It’s a little annoying to be incapable of not thinking about George Lucas when thinking about rhyming, yeah? But hey, life is a series of disappointments and then you die, so.

There was a time when I assumed Racia was listening to music (hence why the PA dialogue on this page is blurry and filtered through noise), but I didn’t actually end up including anything to actually suggest that (like musical notes or sheet music or lyrics or w/e) so the end result is another one of those ambiguous situations in which I think any interpretation is as valid as any other.

Personally, it’s really not uncommon for me to not be listening to music when I have headphones in, especially when traveling since music can distract at the worst times. That said I love living in these modern times because headphones are one of the best advancements in tech I can think of. No one bothers interacting with you when you have headphones in, but you don’t have to be listening to music or a podcast or anything, so it’s perfect for eavesdroppers/shy people, both groups I identify with pretty strongly.

If you’ve never tried using headphones to create that perfect little bubble for yourself, you should! Eavesdropping gets a bad rap.