Thursday Sep 22, 16


A milestone page!

As a child I never learned to hold a pencil correctly, thought my way worked. Wasn’t until a few years ago that the fatigue and pain of my “comfortable” grip finally became too much and I started the long/painful process of learning how to write and draw properly.

It was actually a pretty huge problem. It still is even now, because the way I was holding my pencil actually left my thumb bones twisted out of place and a lot of my hand muscles scrunched up and tight and swollen from improper use. Practice holding a pencil correctly, a thumb brace, and regular stretching is correcting the problem, but we’re still very much in the process of correcting.

Anyway. The milestone reached on this page is that all the new assets in it and all the coloring was done using a proper pencil grip without ever slipping back into my comfortable (hand-destroying) grip. Hopefully that means the worst is behind us!

Oh wait. I remember my sidebar description now. Yeah, the worst is never actually behind us. We’re right in the thick of it, always have been, always will be. All we can do is cling to our small victories, let go, lean back, embrace the Absurd. Or I dunno, you can probably do a lot of other things. Whatever, man, I’m not here to tell you what to DO.