Tuesday Sep 27, 16


Some behind-the-scenes artistic notes:

1) Did I mention that the fire-scorpion thing’s species name is “Scorchion”? Proud of that one, so if I did already mention it, I don’t really care, it’s worth repeating.

2) That Coach in the middle panel of the bottom row totally isn’t the female Trainer from Pokemon Stadium 2 because that character had a “P” on her hat, and also she wasn’t a Battlemon Coach she was a Pokemon Trainer, keep up. It is called an “homage.”

Shots like these night-time scenes are 100% of the reason why I don’t color these characters in with skin tones, even though if I were coloring this comic (as in, not doing it in greyscale) I’d accurately represent them as the brown-skinned folks they were always meant to be. Have I mentioned that yet? Well, anyway, you’ll be seeing what Racia “actually” looks like at the end of this comic. I’ll talk more about that when we get to that point. I have ~things to say~, surprisingly enough!