Thursday Sep 29, 16


I don’t really have much to say about this page beyond, “Look how adorable our two leading ladies are.” Hrm. Lemme come up with a more substantive topic.

Well, at the time of writing this blurb I’ve already finished all the artwork for “Battlemon,” which means that I won’t really be drawing many more instances of Bunners – I’ll have to draw her again for certain advertisements and for a banner image to go at the top of these pages, but that’s the sort of thing that won’t take too long and will be done in the process of working on a bunch of other necessary assets.

So, looking back, there’s a sort of wistfulness I can’t shake. I’m proud of how Bunners’ design turned out, in retrospect. At first I was worried she too closely hewed to the monster designs that inspired her (primarily the Pokemon “Whimsicott” and “Sylveon,” if you’ll recall). Now, though, I think she’s very clearly taken on a life of her own, not least because the constant repetition of her (very simple, very striking) design has bled into other aspects of RACIANTAU art by this point.

This is all a convoluted way of saying that I’ll be missing Bunners, moving forward. She was always only ever meant to play a role in this story and this story was always meant as a one-shot, and yet her memory lingers.

This is a pretty melancholy page, too, so maybe I feel this way because of how long I’ve been staring at it. MOVING ON.