Thursday Dec 15, 16


Every moment of quiet contemplation and solitude ends. What happens next usually makes sense. Is it “good” or “bad”? It followed naturally. Nothing more.

There have been a lot of quotes dancing around these blurbs through “Nature Calls.” I think people who speak the native languages of those translated quotes will probably object to some translations. I object to a lot of translations from Spanish to English because I speak Spanish. No translation captures what the original text means, not really. But then, no two native speakers agree on exactly how the text “should” have been translated. It’s about a feeling more than anything else.

And then, so too are the translations about a feeling. So much worrying, so much stress, such desperation to “understand” the speaker. How foolish! The speaker can hardly understand herself, and if she does it’s her business and hers alone. She’ll open her eyes and open her mouth and say words and that understanding falls away instantly, she’s lost it again, and the trouble wasn’t in the speaker or the audience, it was in the words. Hold to the center, know yourself. If you do, you’ll be comfortable wherever you are. When you’re a good host to yourself, you’re a good host to everyone.

Also, I shouldn’t have to say this, but if you ever see a bear don’t act like Antau did here. I mean come on. None of this is real.