Monday Dec 19, 16


And that’s all there is for “Nature Calls,” a haiku and another colored page.

If you’ve been to the Archives, you’ll know Phase One is called “Protasis” and you’ll also know it’s just about done. There’s one more story to go, “Desperate Times.” It’s the first true RACIANTAU story; Antau’s shown up in Racia’s first story, “Battlemon,” his presence was negligible; he didn’t matter. In this upcoming story they’re both the lead; hence, “RACIANTAU” (I call these Phase-ending stories starring both of them “capstones”).

When Phase Two starts up they’ll be off to their solo stories again; but not for long, and Phase Two’s capstone is much longer than “Desperate Times.” But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

I hope you enjoyed “Nature Calls” as much as I enjoyed sharing it with you all! Like a lot of outfits out there, RACIANTAU will be taking a two-week break starting now. Enjoy the holidays, such as they are, and whatever vacation time you may or may not have between now and Monday, January 2nd, when we’ll start updating again on Mondays and Thursdays. The RACIANTAU journey is literally just getting started and we’re excited to have you along for the ride!